Top 5 Meal prep hacks 


This week's blog post is all about, yep you guessed it Meal Prepping! 

Meal prepping has become all the rage recently with every 5th post on Instagram being an expertly designed table of tupperware full to the brim of bright and delicious looking meals for the week. I know I can't be the only one that gets serious food envy for those that have their lives so well put together that they have time to prepare a weeks worth of meals in one afternoon, let alone know what they even want to eat for dinner in 5 days time! 

But fear not, it is not as daunting as it sounds. There are significant advantages of meal prepping for the week ahead, not only are you saving money by not buying food on the run but you are often saving plastic by using your own reusable containers as well as often making healthier choices as your lunch isn't bought in a frantic dash around Tescos in the break between meetings. It sounds awfully scary and organised but you don't have to prep for 15 meals at once you can start by just prepping for the next day the night before. I for one find it very comforting in the fact that I know that I am not dependent on finding somewhere for lunch that will fit the budget and satisfy my stomach growls. There have been times where the levels of 'Hangriness'  have risen so high that the whole day has been derailed by my lack of preparedness, it is much easier and stress free to have food ready to go in my bag to eat whenever the hunger strikes. 

So here are my top 5 tips for successful meal prep:

  1. Prepare to Prepare
    • This sounds so odd but in order to meal prep you need to be prepared. Before you head out on your weekly shop sit down and write a list of meals that you would like to have that week. E.g. Chicken Salad, Tuna Sandwich, Chickpea Curry etc. Therefore you know that when you get to the shops you need to buy salad, chicken, bread and tuna as a base to build from. Trust me it saves so much time when wandering the aisles contemplating about what to buy. 
  2. Taste Factor
    • This is a really important one, make sure you are prepping meals that you are going to like eating for more than one day in a row and that are nice eaten hot or cold. It is all very well and good making something really fancy and complicated but there is nothing worse than opening your tupperware to a cold and unappetising looking lunch. 
  3. The Freezer is your best friend
    • Seriously, it really is. My years as a student taught me that your freezer is a money saver when it comes to cooking homemade meals from scratch. Make a big batch of curry or spag bol at the weekend and then individually portion before freezing. Before leaving for work take a portion out of the freezer and place it into the fridge to defrost during the day, by the time you get home all you have to do is heat it voila a yummy dinner in seconds!
  4. Tupperare is key 
    • Investing in good quality tupperware or food storage containers is a real game changer. Mediocre storage will only demoralise all your hard work and efforts if your tuna salad has leaked all over the bottom of your bag. Not only will you smell like a dodgy aquarium for the remainder of the day but you will have no lunch, defeating the whole point of meal prepping! Plus, everyone loves a fancy tupperware and your office friends will all be super jealous. 
  5. Invest in your spice cupboard
    • Investing in your spice cupboard is a must for all meal prep connoisseurs. Having a solid selection of herbs and spices will seriously raise your game when preparing meals. Eating the same meal throughout the week can get dull if you don't spice up your act, adding a dash of chilli powder here and a splash of red wine vinegar there goes a long way. Your future self will be eternally grateful to past you for adding a pinch of basil to that spag bol. 

So what are you waiting for? Have a scroll through Instagram, find some #recipeinspo and get started. Once you have got into the groove of it, it'll be hard to stop.