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100% Vegan /   Jan 31st, 2019

Skincare and clothing isn’t necessarily what you’d associate with a vegan lifestyle… but veganism goes beyond what you are putting on your plate. We have put together some of our favourite, affordable skincare brands making it easier for you to switch!

 We often get asked the question how do I know if what I’m buying is genuinely vegan? Research what you are buying. Look for the ‘vegan’ logo and the ingredients used. Research the company’s policy and even contact them if you have questions. When we were looking at different brands, so many of them stated that the ingredients were vegan friendly and yet they still tested on animals. So, do keep an eye out when purchasing products to ensure their testing is cruelty free.

So… let’s get to the good stuff.

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Hair products – ‘Hair Burst’

This shampoo and conditioner is a life saver! There’s none of that ‘for frizzy hair’, ‘for straight hair’ business (especially when your hair changes as much as your mood). This shampoo and conditioner ticks the box for all hair types – hallelujah! My hair smells amazing and is noticeably shinier. Hair Burst can be found in most Boots stores so it is both affordable and accessible… TICK!


Tanning - ‘Isle of Paradise’

I came across ‘Isle of Paradise’ a few months and fell completely in LOVE with their story and ethos! Not only are they 100% vegan, cruelty free and organic, their key ingredients are coconut oil, avocado oil and chia seed oil. This tan comes in three different shades and it really does adapt to your colouring… Simply add some of the tanning drops to your favourite moisturiser for a natural glow with no patchiness.

Isle of paradise you’re the kings and queens of tanning and there’ll be no more Bondi Sands used by the staff at ONIST!

Buy the tan here

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Camomile Fresh Micellar Cleansing Water - THe body shop

I made the switch to use cleansing water a few years ago instead of other make up removers and I’ve never looked back. I’ve tried a few brands and a lot left my face feeling oily. However, this camomile water is going to be new ‘go to water’. I’ve always loved the body shop products so it was no surprise that I really liked it! It is also 100% vegan and enriched with Community Trade camomile oil from Norfolk – it just sounds bliss right?   ✨

For more information visit

Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturiser - the body shop

Moisturisers are so difficult to find and review as everyone’s skin types are so different and we all have preference of what we like best. I came across the Vitamin C Glow when I was picking up the cleansing water. Not only does this smell delicious (big selling point for me) it gives a gorgeous glow that makes you feel super confident. It doesn’t make my face feel too oily and creates a great base for make-up. I was so pleased to come across this! 🙌🏽

To see the full range go to

Body moisturizer – Evolve

African Orange Aromatic Body Lotion

I was recommended this product by a friend who told me that I’d love it as I occasionally suffer from dry skin. It softens and hydrates the skin (like a butter or an oil) and the smell is such an uplifting scent. A really great natural product! 🍊

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All photos are from product website.