Our Story

Mary Lynch, the founder of ONIST always loved good and honest food. As a registered nutritionist*, she was a great believer in nutritious calories that give your body something other than energy. It frustrated her that there are so many treats coming to market claiming to be healthy when they weren’t. At home she used to make chocolate avocado mousse - a combo of avocado, cocoa and maple syrup. It was great but she wanted to turn it into a snack that was delicious but also as nutritiously balanced as possible.  That meant a lot of tasting and testing. The ingredients in the first ONIST product, The Avocado Choc Pot are all nutritiously dense - avocados, dates, cashew nuts, cocoa, lime juice and natural extracts, nothing else.  All ingredients are Organic and Fairtrade and suitable for vegans.

She wanted to create a company that could make a difference. Having worked for Jamie Oliver as nutritionist for several years she was inspired by sustainable business practices. ‘I passionately believe that socially responsible business is the future and it is how all companies, especially food companies should run’. ONIST is partnered with a charity in Gambia called Pandys so that for every avocado pot you buy, you are buying a healthy breakfast for a child in need. The policy is 'buy one, give one'.

Our mission is to change the food industry for good. We want to create vegan food that is genuinely healthy, ethical and delicious.


*Registered with the Association for Nutrition