Onist & Qnola Crispy Squares

This week we've teamed up with Qnola to bring you a super tasty recipe.
We love that Qnola use organic quinoa to make their breakfast products, providing you with a nourishing and convenient way to start your day.
We've combined forces using our avocado chocolate pots and Qnola granola to bring you these delicious quinoa crispy squares.

Both packed full of nutritionally dense ingredients, Onist and Qnola are good sources of copper and other minerals. Copper helps to keep our immune systems working properly so we can fight illness and flu.

These chewy crispy Qnola squares with indulgent Onist topping make a tasty, nourishing treat.

50g Qnola (any flavour)
75g dates
125g almond butter
60ml maple syrup
1 Onist pot (dark chocolate or salted caramel)

  - Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper and soak the dates in boiling water for ten minutes.
  - Drain the dates, add the almond butter, maple syrup and dates to a food processor and blend into a thick mixture.
  - Stir the mixture into the Qnola.
  - Press into the lined baking tray and freeze/refrigerate until set.
  - Spread the Onist pot onto the Qnola base and sprinkle with Qnola.
  - Store in the refrigerator and slice into squares when ready to eat.

Find out more about Qnola at http://www.qnola.co.uk