Onist & Pollen + Grace Collaboration

At Onist we believe in supporting brands and food start-ups with a shared passion for honest, nutrient-rich foods that leave us feeling nourished from the inside out. As well as our obligation to providing you with natural goodness in our avocado chocolate pots, we also believe businesses have a social responsibility to create positive change in society. That's why we'll regularly be shouting about other brands that share our ethos for delicious healthy food and contributions towards social change. If we think they're great, we think you might like to get to know them too!

We believe that people care where their food comes from and how it affects their body. That's why our avocado chocolate pots offer nothing but natural nutritional goodness, made from Organic and Fair Trade ingredients.

Our friends Pollen + Grace believe beauty starts on the inside. By nourishing your body with simple, high quality ingredients you can start to heal, thrive and glow. All their ingredients are free from gluten, wheat, dairy and refined sugars.

At Onist and Pollen + Grace, we share the ethos that the food we put into our body should be wholesome, natural and full of flavour, which is why you won't find any ingredients you don't recognise on the label. We also believe that we should know where our ingredients come from and how the people that produce them are impacted. For this reason, wherever possible, all of our ingredients are of the highest quality, organic and sourced through fair trade networks.

“At Pollen + Grace we believe in working with, and supporting small, like-minded businesses who create an amazing product out of passion and love. Onist ticks all these boxes, as well as showing an incredible commitment to social responsibility - not to mention their chocolate avo pots were practically designed to go with our banana bread! We can’t wait to support one another as the businesses grow, and are excited to see what Onist have planned for the future!”
— Pollen + Grace

Find out more about Pollen + Grace at https://www.pollenandgrace.com