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I am a fully registered Food Nutritionist (Rnutr), accredited by the Association for Nutrition.  I'm currently on the board for Nutritionists in Industry and have previously worked for Jamie Oliver Limited as senior nutritionist for five years. I am available for the following consultancy work:


One on one nutrition consultancy- fully integrative mindful approach to nutrition.



Corporate Nutrition training

Teaches employees the basics about nutrition and wellbeing in a one stop interactive and fun workshop on nutrition and health. This workshop has been shown to significantly improve employee’s diets and their productivity in the workplace. (Approximately 1.5 hours. Can be tailored)



Nutrition workshops

Interactive nutrition workshop on the basics of nutrition for any small group (up to 15 people)



Nutritional analysis

Theoretically analyse recipes to produce their nutrient content. Can be done for menus, recipes, diet plans and food products.



Food labelling

Checking food labels against all labelling regulations including EU health and nutrition claims.



Media enquiries

Providing quotes/ speaking in support of a product, service or company and its nutritional content (Please note this will be analysed on a case by case basis).



Media training

Training on particular area of nutrition prior to an interview or media appearance



Nutritional journalism*

Writing health articles/ newsletters on any area of nutrition.

£300 per article

*Please refer to the blog section to see a selection of nutrition articles written by me


Healthy recipe creation

Creating recipes that are thoroughly tested. This can include a product, but please note this will be decided on a case by case basis



Nutrition and health claim checks

Making sure any health claims made on foods, recipes, commercial marketing abides by EU health and nutrition claim regulations



Food and nutrition standards

Creation of food and nutrition standards for a business. Includes food policy consultation, advice on how to make the business more sustainable without additional costs.



Nutrition education material creation

Create fun and engaging educational materials and workshops for any age/ ability


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