Recipe and Ingredients


Avocados are our not-so-secret ingredient, giving our recipe its smooth consistency. All the avocados used in Onist are organic and we are currently pushing for a UK supply of Fair Trade avocados.



Our Fair Trade, organic cocoa powder give the pots their dense, chocolatey flavour.



Our organic Fair Trade cashew nuts give Onist its decadently rich texture.



Our juicy dates offer nothing but natural sweetness are both organic and Fair Trade.



Fresh mineral water is added to loosen the recipe, providing a deliciously silky finish.



Zesty lime juice is used to keep the avocado fresh.



Maldon sea salt is used to flavour the salted caramel and dark chocolate pots.



Onist pots are created and then frozen so we haven't had to add any sugar or artificial preservatives to make them last. Once defrosted make sure you keep the pots cold and consume within 7 days. Once opened eat as soon as possible. Once defrosted do not refreeze.


Onist pots come in a refreshing chocolate mint, a zesty chocolate orange and a rich dark chocolate and a indulgent salted caramel flavour.