Often things that look healthy can actually be pretty indulgent. Obviously the best thing to do is to do is make your own snacks and food for your journey, but often this isn't feasible so here are some healthier versions of the classics which are available at most service stations;


 The Hot Drink;

COSTA- Swap your large caramel latte cooler for a large skimmed cappuccino with a sprinkle of chocolate and you will save over 200 calories, 5 grams of fat and 44 grams of sugar. That is a saving of 9 teaspoons of sugar for every cup!


The Snack

COSTA- Swap a granola square for a pack of Metcalfes sweet and salt popcorn and you will save yourself almost 200 calories, 10 grams of fat and 20 grams of sugar. If you did this every day for a year that would equal 73,000 calories or the equivalent of 20kg of fat!


The Lunch

M and S- Swap your chicken and bacon sandwich for a chicken and avocado or chicken salad sandwich and you will save and over 100 calories and half your saturated fat intake. You will also be giving your body a portion of wholegrain as an added bonus.

The take away message here is that reading the label is key! Try and be label savvy, you should be looking for high fibre, low sugar options to keep you fuller for longer. Finally remember to mix it up. Variety is one of the most important parts of a healthy diet.